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The Bible teaches us that we are to pray for the return of the Lord Jesus to this earth. (Rev. 22). It tells us that Jesus is coming soon once the age of the gentiles is accomplished and we see the Jews coming to the Lord. (Rom. 9 – 11). We believe that time is drawing near. It teaches us that the gentiles and the church in general will be greatly blessed when the Jews place their faith in Yeshua (Hebrew) Jesus (Greek), and are grafted back in to the root. It teaches us that we are supposed to pray for blessings upon God’s Chosen People (e.g., Ps. 122; Is. 40). We are in the day of God’s visitation upon His Chosen people (the Jews) as has not happened since the days of the early church recorded in Acts. Many in the land of Israel are for the first time embracing their and our Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). We are closely connected with a Messianic movement in Israel known as Tents of Mercy, or Ohalei Rechem, see and we support them in their efforts to bring the Good News of Messiah to the Jewish people. We periodically take groups of people with us to Israel to experience God in His Holy Land and to learn how we can better support His people in these End Times, as He has commanded us.

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