Casa de Amor Para Niños

Casa de Amor Para Niños is an ecumenical Christian work in Palomas, Mexico (just across the border from Columbus, New Mexico). We lead the Board of Directors, which includes people from a number of other Christian churches in New Mexico, and Mexico, as well. We have recently made dramatic changes in the Orphanage, and today we have 11 teenage girls, all of whom have no family. They all have a terrible past. They have all lost their families one way or another. Our job is to give them a future and a hope. Specifically, we are providing education, counseling, and spiritual help to these girls so that they can be restored and become all that the Lord intended for them. Our goal is to be their family and to provide for them all the way until they enter the job market after technical training or college. We are very excited about this opportunity to make a significant impact in these girls’ lives. We have a full staff, and each month we spend a week-end with these girls seeking to help them obtain a vision for all the Lord can do!

Alas de Amor

In addition to running the Orphanage, we are very involved in the community through Alas de Amor. We help the poorest of the poor with housing, food, and spiritual encouragement. We sponsor over 130 children, mostly Jr. High and High School kids, so that they can attend school. As a part of that sponsorship, we assure that they are doing well in school and actively involved in their church. We sponsor over 300 children in the churches in the community to make sure they will receive a Christmas present. We also meet with Pastors monthly and plan events with them such as a Christmas Fiesta, Mother’s Day, and a summer Youth retreat. We provide between 2,000 and 3,000 lbs. of food to these Pastors for distribution to the poor each month. We encourage them to find ways for people to “earn” the food they receive. Our vision is to provide physical help with an emphasis on their need for Spiritual help. It is our goal to bring Jesus to Palomas in such a way that the great darkness will be pushed out. We believe a key part of that is to help bring salvation and obedience to the next generation of young people. We are constantly seeking Christians who want to experience the mission field close to home. This is an excellent way for people fulfill the Great Commission, something we are all called to do as Christians.

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